Online Classroom and/or Behind the Wheel Driving

1. Read and complete Portside Driving School contract. Click here to download.

2. Options for submitting contract:

-Download, print and mail the signed contract to 2336 Hidden Winds Lane Green Bay, WI 54303

-Download and email the signed contract to [email protected]

3. Payment options:

-Mail a check to Portside Driving School – 2336 Hidden Winds Lane Green Bay, WI 54303

-Venmo @Mike-Simoens – Do not select ‘Purchase protection’ through the app. If ‘Purchase protection’ is chosen, you will be charged a 2.4% convenience fee

-Pay by credit card using one of the following purchase links (All transactions include a 3% convenience fee)

4. Upon receiving the signed contract and payment, I will send you a signed temps test application form (if student is taking BTW also) and/or information to start the online course.  Students cannot take the temps test without being enrolled in a driving program.

5. Student should study the Wisconsin Motorist Handbook and complete practice tests. Click here to view all resources and study materials.

6. When student turns 15, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and take the temps test. You do not need an appointment for the temps test. Remember to bring the following items with you:

  • Parent/Guardian
  • The application form that you will be receiving from me
  • Birth certificate (they will not accept a hospital or baptismal certificate)
  • Social Security card
  • The current fee for a temporary license ($35.00)

7. After you have passed the temps test the student may begin driving with parent or guardian.

8. Text Portside Driving School (920) 366-5010 to set up behind-the-wheel driving instruction or with any questions you may have. Lessons are available after school, evenings, or weekends.   

NOTE: Students are encouraged to take their first driving lesson within 60 days after getting their instruction permit. There is a maximum of one lesson per 21 days. Please plan accordingly. We are typically booked out for lessons about 2-3 weeks.